Well...that sucks.
AGH! I looked at the tour dates for Cook's college tour, and he's not coming to California! D: 

Man, what a bummer. I really wanted to see him on the college tour. It feels like I'm never gonna get to see him. Didn't go to the Idol Tour cos I really didn't have the money, didn't go to any of his appearances because I couldn't make it....and I guess I'm not gonna see him on the college tour. :(

Hopefully he has another tour for the record that actually comes near me. I know I'll be kicking myself forever if I don't get to see him for this record. I'm already doing it for some of my other favortie artists. Come to California, David!!!

OMG David Shirtless

:O :O :O :O :O 

OK, now that I can sorta form an actual sentence...I think this pic is just liek woah. I never thought we'd get to see a pic shirtless! Even if it's not recent. 

Ah...I love it. :3

OMFG! I figured out my iPod!
OK, first...my internet died majorly on me for about a week..which totally sucked. And I haven't been commenting much because...I really don't have anything to say and or add. :X      Plus I barely have time currently to spend any good amount of time on my journal. D: 

Anyways, I finally got my iPod to start working. It has just been siting in a drawer for five months, and I spent too much money on that sucker to just let it be a useless piece of...whatever its made of. (Ugh...I hate how LJ doesn't let the FireFox spellcheck work when you're writing an entry. D<)

So I set out on a mission to find out how it worked. First, I had to download iTunes to actually try and get it to synch because it would act weird with RealPlayer...but since I switched to iTunes, I haven't opened RealPlayer once. Where have you been, iTunes? OK, so when I tried to synch with iTunes, it said my iTunes was too old or something...so I upgraded.

:OFF TOPIC: The new version has Genius, and I was curious how it worked. I actually like it, since I suck at making playlists...although it has had some weird choices...like putting Cobra Starship's "City Is At War" in between two ballads. o_O :/OFF TOPIC: 

THEN, it said my iPod was pretty much fucked up and I need to reset it. So I spent 2 hours trying to find out how to do it....finally got it done. And THEN, it finally synched. But but but....it has some weird thing with some songs of my CDs where it starts the song, and skips to the next before even finishing it. The solution: uploading all my CDs onto iTunes...that's gonna take FOREVER...I'll save that for a weekend when I have some patience.

So, yeah...I have my iPod now and I love it! I put the headphones in my ear and fall asleep with it on...lol

But the battery life sucks. It looks like I'm gonna have to charge it every day... :c

Also to add...while trying to figure all the stuff out...I sorta threw it around the house. xDD 
I threw it at multiple walls and objects, but the thing is pretty durable! It only got a little tiny scratch! :D

Ok, that was long, but whatever....I actually had a real life journal...but it took forever to write and I'm lazy with it. So I made this....ya. Ok, that had nothing to do with anything....I'm just gonna stop now before my head explodes...bye!

My Shoulder Hurts
I woke up this morning and my shoulder felt really sore. I tried to move it, and it really hurt. D: The pain is fine, now, I guess, but I need to know how this happened! I don't think I stretched my arm out or anything...plus, it hurts on my shoulder blade. I think it was the way I slept...the point is, my shoulder hurts and it's annoying. Grr...

Top Chef goes by too fast...or I'm just not paying attention...
OK, so I was watching Top Chef a few minutes ago, because I forgot it was on...and before I knew it, it was over. o.o I didn't even see who went home...well, that could be because I was on the computer...but it's totally the show's fault. This is like the 7th time this has happened to me. Top Chef needs to make that part more flashy so it gets my attention. D<

I looked up the wiki, and it says that Danny went home. Is that the guy with all the tattoos? I don't know the names of half the cast yet. :P
Anyways...I think this season is turning out good, kind of boring so far, though. No drama at all! Sigh...nothing can live up to the 2nd season...the 3rd was good too...and the 4th...I haven't seen the first. xD 

Well, anyway...Top Chef, you need to make the elimination part flashier! I saw Colicchio going in to the back room to tell them that they sucked...and then it was over. Did anyone even get eliminated? I'm so confused...x.x;;

eta: So I saw it again, and nobody got eliminated because it's Christmas...wasn't this taped in July? Whatever, but that stupid wiki lied to me. D<

Fuck Yes. I saw this once...but lost it, and never found it again. D: But I found it! I've been wanting to do this sooooo bad. And don't laugh...my shuffle hates me.

But it loves it some Ashlee Simpson D<Collapse )

Since everyone is doing this...
I guess I should join in on the fun(?)...

Well, what can I say? :D

eta: I thought it said tulips. xD I guess it's bad to smell like a turnip...

I put in Neal...he got "Sexually stunning" :) I lost the code though cuz I hit backspace. D:

And it took me forever to learn how to get that damn thing to show up...D

I'm bored right now, and I find these kinds of things fun...so here it is. Got it from xwhatxitxisxhox 's journal... :)

Let's see if I can get cuts right... OMG I DID!!! Yay me!! :D 

Read more...Collapse )

You meanie...you made me cry...D:

OK, just needed to get that out lmao. I've been upset for the majority of the day...because my friends were making fun of one of my favorite artists! Now, who might this be? Uhm....well... >.> Katy....Perry. Yeah.... (I like all kinds of genres, exept hip-hop. D:) I know I lot of people find her annoying, but I think she's awesome. :D Well, it just so happens that they were talking mean about her..saying she sucks at singing. Well, I have to admit, "I Kissed A Girl" live doesn't sound like angels...it's a hard song for her to sing I guess, plus she's running around half the time singing it. BUT SHE CAN SING! I've heard live performances, and she does have a voice. But they were saying hurtful things...just plain nasty things. So I tried to tell them that she has a voice but they ganged up on me...I didn't know what to do! So I sulked back to my room and started playing "One Of The Boys". And then I just started crying. o.o It's not even a sad song, but I was just bawling my eyes out. And I was muttering "She CAN sing..." to myself for like an hour. rofl

I guess that I was just holding up a lot of stuff and just needed to let it out, but that really hurt my feelings. If you don't like someone, fine, but you don't have to say those damn hurtful things. And it's not like they were general 'trolls', I just ignore them...but they were people I actually care about...people I love. So yeah, it really sucks....but, I think I'm over it now.  And for some strange reason...I can't stop shaking. O.O Seriously, help me. I think it might be cold or something...because I can't stop shaking....weird...

So yeah, how's that for a first entry? Sorry to bestow my dramarama on you. :) I think I might be using this thing more often...I'm so sorry. :D 


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