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You made me cry...D:

OK, just needed to get that out lmao. I've been upset for the majority of the day...because my friends were making fun of one of my favorite artists! Now, who might this be? Uhm....well... >.> Katy....Perry. Yeah.... (I like all kinds of genres, exept hip-hop. D:) I know I lot of people find her annoying, but I think she's awesome. :D Well, it just so happens that they were talking mean about her..saying she sucks at singing. Well, I have to admit, "I Kissed A Girl" live doesn't sound like's a hard song for her to sing I guess, plus she's running around half the time singing it. BUT SHE CAN SING! I've heard live performances, and she does have a voice. But they were saying hurtful things...just plain nasty things. So I tried to tell them that she has a voice but they ganged up on me...I didn't know what to do! So I sulked back to my room and started playing "One Of The Boys". And then I just started crying. o.o It's not even a sad song, but I was just bawling my eyes out. And I was muttering "She CAN sing..." to myself for like an hour. rofl

I guess that I was just holding up a lot of stuff and just needed to let it out, but that really hurt my feelings. If you don't like someone, fine, but you don't have to say those damn hurtful things. And it's not like they were general 'trolls', I just ignore them...but they were people I actually care about...people I love. So yeah, it really sucks....but, I think I'm over it now.  And for some strange reason...I can't stop shaking. O.O Seriously, help me. I think it might be cold or something...because I can't stop shaking....weird...

So yeah, how's that for a first entry? Sorry to bestow my dramarama on you. :) I think I might be using this thing more often...I'm so sorry. :D 

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I didn't even hear it on AI. D: But I didn't really pay much attention to those parts... I only payed attention when I saw David. :D

I heard that song just a while ago, and it was the cover version by Lily Allen, and it just hit me because the lyrics are EXACT to something that happened to me...I like the original version better, though. :P Oh, no...because I said Lily Allen, I'm gonna get "the fear" stuck in my head for the millionth time... :( I seriously was listening to that song forty times a its backfiring D:

oh ok that's good, you got to appreciate the song then. :D

oh i like lily allen a lot too! i didn't know she covered keane, i should check that out. :D

play something else before that song gets stuck in your head!!!

I like her cover, but it just doesn't have enough emotion for me when I listen to it.

I think I'm going to just give in to it...I'm giving in to the dancing balloons and presents (in video), but there's hot butlers, good enough for me! :D

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