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I'm bored right now, and I find these kinds of things here it is. Got it from xwhatxitxisxhox 's journal... :)

Let's see if I can get cuts right... OMG I DID!!! Yay me!! :D 

Movie at the moment? I don't really watch many movies...D: I don't remember the last one...rofl

Jelly Belly jelly bean? Cherry. 

Drink? Soda! I need my coca cola.

Name for a girl? biased.

Compliment to receive? I'm pretty. :D 

Thing to say? "Bitch". Seriously, I just blurt it out sometimes. o.o

Talk show host? Ellen!!! 

Weapon? Sword.

Thing that was told to you? "Do you want coffee?"

Thing you ate? Cofee... if that counts. Pizza if it doesn't.

Person that pissed you off? My mom

Song you listened to? "Self Inflicted" by Katy Perry.

Book you read? I haven't read in a while! Um...something boring. rofl

Thing you were confused about? Japanese. I'm trying to learn basic words and I find it soo hard. :(

TV show you watched? Attack of The Show! What can I say? I'm a geek...

Thing that made you feel like crap? Friends.

Have You Ever

Tried to kill someone? would you ask something like that? *fidgets*

Lied to a priest? No..I don't really go to church. xD

Ridden a horse? When I was like 6 at the fair or something

Burst a blood vessel? No..

Forgotten what month it was? Yeah...

Smoked? Once..I then proceded to cough my lungs up.

Made up your own constellations? Uhm... *pretending to know what that means* No. :)

Would you ever

Be a lawyer? Yes

Kill yourself? Hm...If I was in a scary situation or something...

Eat sushi? Yes

Move to another country? Yes

Drive an orange car? Yeah, I would be the coolest. xD

Ultimate Favorites - The 411
Color: Blue
Sport: Baseball
Computer Game: I don't really play computer games...the only one I play is the Sims.
Board Game: Clue.
Video Game: Hm..Tales Of Symphonia
Song: I don't really have an ultimate favorite...they change all the time.
Singer: David Cook/Avril Lavigne. It has to be a tie...I've liked Avril since forever.
Band/Duo: Evanescence
Smell: That Febreeze stuff...I'm seriously like those people in the commercials...rofl
TV Show: I'm a reality junkie... I can't help it D:
Season: I like winter...I just wish it would snow..
Holiday: Christmas
Hobby: Hm...probably being a David Cook fan. He has seriously taken up my life. xD
Animal: Penguin
Food: A lot...         (omg this is fingers are starting to hurt. D: )
Ice Cream Flavor: Cookie Dough (It's really funny, whenever I go to get ice cream, I always freak out on what flavor to get and just stick with Cookie Dough. xD)
Soda Flavor: Cherry
Dessert: Cookies! Choco Chip.
Candy: KitKat. Yum...
Shoes: Converse
shampoo? Uh...I really don't check the labels or anything...whatever smells good, I guess. rofl
tool? Screwdriver :)
kitchen appliance? Microwave...that's what I live off of when I'm alone...I can't cook well. :(
condiment? Mustard
body part? Uhm...
fries? Just Regular...
homeless guy sign? I've only ever seen one was near my school...but I don't remember D:
lyric? "So little time/ I've tried to understand that /I'm trying to make a move just to stay in the game/ I'm trying to stay awak and remember my name/ But everybody's changing and I don't feel the same." 
form of attention? Praise
addiction? David Cook. Like Seriously.
family member? Parents and Grandmother
friend? Oscar and Robert
place? My Room
celebrity? David Cook
medical condition? o.o something...not dangerous..I guess...
failure? Tripping
myth? that a myth?
paranormal activity? When they throw things...that would scare the sh*t out of me...
acceptance? Hug <3


What is your favorite..
gum - Hot
type of weather -Foggy and Rainy
thing to do on a half day -Online
late-night activity - o///o

When was the last time you..
played a sport - a year ago? Sports aren't my thing...
laughed -Yesterday
hugged someone -I don't remember... I'm so unloved...  D: 
kissed someone - Uh....
felt depressed - Sometime last week, I was so mopey...
faked sick - Oh...I used to fake sick almost every day like a year ago... ah, the memories. :D
What was the last..
word you said - Hm...I think it was 'alone'
thing you ate -Pizza
song you listened to - "Self Inflicted" by Katy Perry. (You asked this question! D< ) 
thing you drank -Coffee
place you went to - Star Bucks
movie you saw - Uh...crap...I really don't go to theaters...can't remember D:
movie you rented - Uh...Click, maybe?
concert you attended - I've never been to a concert! :O I'm pretty sure David will be my first...concert. =_=;;
Who was the last person you..
kissed -My cat...rofl
danced with -My friend
shared a secret with - My friend Oscar
went to a movie with -My friends...
were angry with -My mom (Bitch!) 
couldn't take your eyes off of - omg some girl put her fingers behind her eyelids!!! D: I couldnd't look away...
obsessed over -David Cook
Have you ever..
danced in the rain - No, but me and my friends have just stood in the rain before...
kissed someone -No...:(
done drugs - What? >.>
drank alcohol - Yeah... 
slept around - I'm not some kind of slut! :O
partied 'til the sun came up -No
had a movie marathon -No
gone too far on a dare - No...
spun until you were immensely dizzy - Ooh that's fun. :D *spins around*
taken a survey quite like this before -NO, and I don't know if I will...this took forever. D:



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