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OMFG! I figured out my iPod!
OK, internet died majorly on me for about a week..which totally sucked. And I haven't been commenting much because...I really don't have anything to say and or add. :X      Plus I barely have time currently to spend any good amount of time on my journal. D: 

Anyways, I finally got my iPod to start working. It has just been siting in a drawer for five months, and I spent too much money on that sucker to just let it be a useless piece of...whatever its made of. (Ugh...I hate how LJ doesn't let the FireFox spellcheck work when you're writing an entry. D<)

So I set out on a mission to find out how it worked. First, I had to download iTunes to actually try and get it to synch because it would act weird with RealPlayer...but since I switched to iTunes, I haven't opened RealPlayer once. Where have you been, iTunes? OK, so when I tried to synch with iTunes, it said my iTunes was too old or I upgraded.

:OFF TOPIC: The new version has Genius, and I was curious how it worked. I actually like it, since I suck at making playlists...although it has had some weird putting Cobra Starship's "City Is At War" in between two ballads. o_O :/OFF TOPIC: 

THEN, it said my iPod was pretty much fucked up and I need to reset it. So I spent 2 hours trying to find out how to do it....finally got it done. And THEN, it finally synched. But but has some weird thing with some songs of my CDs where it starts the song, and skips to the next before even finishing it. The solution: uploading all my CDs onto iTunes...that's gonna take FOREVER...I'll save that for a weekend when I have some patience.

So, yeah...I have my iPod now and I love it! I put the headphones in my ear and fall asleep with it

But the battery life sucks. It looks like I'm gonna have to charge it every day... :c

Also to add...while trying to figure all the stuff out...I sorta threw it around the house. xDD 
I threw it at multiple walls and objects, but the thing is pretty durable! It only got a little tiny scratch! :D

Ok, that was long, but whatever....I actually had a real life journal...but it took forever to write and I'm lazy with it. So I made this....ya. Ok, that had nothing to do with anything....I'm just gonna stop now before my head explodes...bye!


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